Visit to the World Health Organization and University of London Kings College

26th – 30th, March 2012
Dean Prof. Takeyasu Maeda, Vice-dean Prof. Hideo Miyazaki and A/Prof. Hiroshi Ogawa

The purpose of our visit to the WHO was to discuss about human resource development in global oral health science with Prof. Poul Erik Petersen, chief dental officer in the WHO Global Oral Health Program. Based on the existing academic contributions, the WHO has agreed to collaborate with development of globalization of graduate school education included WHO internship programs.

WHO Headquarter in Geneva

Left Dean Prof. Maeda, Prof. Petersen, Vice-dean Prof. Miyazaki

Discussing with Prof. Petersen

The discussion with Prof. Saman Warnakulasuriya in the University of London Kings College was to exchange information of globalization of dental school education utilizing WHO oral health collaborating center networks.

It was agreed that the course in human resource development for global oral health science would be cooperated, short-term on the job training can be available for selected personnel.

University of London Kings College

Left A/Prof. Ogawa, Prof. Warnakulasuriya, Vice-dean Prof. Miyazaki

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