Report on The 10th Asian Academy for Preventive Dentistry (AAPD)

14-16 September 2012
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The 10th AAPD Conference held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia during 14-16 September 2012 had its main theme in Future Trend is Oral Health Prevention-Asia which hosted by Professor Bazar Amarsaikhan, the 10th AAPD president and Dean of the School of Dentistry Health Sciences University of Mongolia.

The School of Dentistry was established in Health Sciences University of Mongolia in 2000 consisting of five academic departments. Currently there are more than 40 faculty teachers and 628 students enrolled in the program. The school has received educational assistance from many countries in Asia especially from Japan (University of Tokushima), South Korea and Taiwan. Oral diseases among Mongolian are increasing due to urbanization and inaccessible to oral health care. Assistance and collaboration in dental education and research is still required in Mongolia.

From the president’s report, this was the first Professional International Conference held in Mongolia which they were very proud of. The conference was well attended by 300 international participants from 29 countries mainly from Asia and 400 local Mongolian participants. This was also the first time that dentists in Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Siberia part of Russia and North Korea attended an international professional meeting. The scientific session consisted of 41 Oral presentations in 3 plenary sessions, 8 symposia and two Poster presentation sessions by 43 guest speakers and 132 poster presenters. Among the guest speakers, 9 of them were from Japanese University including Niigata University Faculty of Dentistry and six of them were from Mongolia School of Dentistry. New and reunion of friends, colleagues as well as discussions and collaborations were actively accomplished during the conference.

From Niigata University School of Dentistry, according to the current research projects, four presentations were delivered as follows.

  1. Global oral health education and research in Asia by Yupin Songpaisan, Hideo Miyazaki, Hiroshi Ogawa and Yoko Ishida. Oral presented at the Plenary Session 3 on September 14 afternoon by Yupin Songpaisan.
  2. Proposed competency domains of global oral health specialist by Hiroshi Ogawa, Yoko Ishida, Yupin Songpaisan and Hideo Miyazaki. Poster presented by Hiroshi Ogawa at the Poster Presentation Session on 15 September afternoon.
  3. Global trend on periodontal disease in adults and elderly groups by Sayaka Hori-Matsumoto, Hiroshi Ogawa and Hideo Miyazaki. Poster presented by Sayaka Hori-Matsumoto at the Poster Presentation Session on 15 September afternoon.
  4. Preliminary of the oral health promotion project in Mondulkiri, Cambodia by Yuka Makino, Hiroshi Ogawa, T Mochida, G Yano, T Miyata and Hideo Miyazaki. Poster presented by Yuka Makino at the Poster Presentation Session on 15 September afternoon.

Oral Presentation by Prof. Yupin

Poster Presentation by Dr. Makino

Poster Presentation by Dr. Ogawa

Poster Presentation by Dr. Hori-Matsumoto

All Presenters from Niigata University Faculty of Dentistry:
Dr. Hori-Matsumoto, Prof. Yupin, Assoc. Prof. Ogawa and Dr. Makino

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