WHO Collaborating Centre

WHO Collaborating Centre for Translation of Oral Health Science

In 2007, the World Health Organization had designated the Department of Oral Health Science, Division of Preventive Dentistry, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Translation of Oral Health Science. The Centre supports WHO to promote global oral health in the area for;

  • Leading oral health science with operating basic, epidemiological and advanced research.
  • Expanding networks with foreign countries to promote oral health education and research as a global focal point of oral health science.
  • Supporting capacity development for human resources in the area of oral health science by accepting or sending young professions.

The terms of reference of the Centre would be:

  • To assist WHO to initiate epidemiological studies and promote standardisation of data collection for oral diseases (in particular periodontal diseases) to provide quality information to the WHO Global Oral Health database.
  • To support WHO in dissemination of the evidence on interrelationships oral health-general health-quality of life to strengthen oral health components into public health programmes.
  • To assist WHO Health Promoting Schools in application of the evidence on school oral health promotion through primary prevention.
  • To expand linkages with dental public health institutions included Ministry of Health in WPRO and SEARO countries and to provide post-graduate training courses in oral health promotion and disease prevention.